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While each holding down both full and part time jobs in local area kitchens, Siobhan and Caroline have committed much of their “free” time over the last few years to focusing on what would become their biggest, most rewarding challenge yet: The Fiction Kitchen. You can read more about the wonder team below! 

-Photos by: Allie Mullin

Caroline Morrison

After landing a job in corporate America for almost a decade, Caroline realized that despite the confines of her cubicle, her mind was always wandering back to food: preparing it, tasting it, learning the science behind it and above all, celebrating the quality of fresh ingredients. Two years later she was graduating with honors from culinary school and ready to dive into kitchens

Siobhan Southern

Primarily an artist at heart, Siobhan found her love early on for food and the ability to use it as another medium for creativity and beauty. Having worked for years in breads, confections, pastries and finishing cakes, Siobhan eventually decided to round out her kitchen experience in the savory realm.